Dear Fall, Stop With Your Bad Drinks

fall drinksLet me preface this by saying how much I actually love fall. I mean, it’s football season. Any time that Sundays are for football is good for me. Additionally it’s boots and sweater weather, so, even better.

That being said, fall can go ahead and stop telling me what to drink and how to drink it.

  1. Pumpkin spice coffee

If everyone would just stop pretending this is so delicious and quit drinking pumpkin coffee already, that would be great. It’s gross, it’s overrated, and people are just obsessed with it because everyone else likes it. Stop. Being. Basic.

2. Seasonal beer in the fall

Now, I’m not a beer expert and I certainly haven’t tried all of the fall seasonal beer options. This is more about summer beers being far superior. Mostly because I’m such a girl about beer and don’t like dark beers, which make up almost all fall beers. Also, pumpkin beer is nasty.

3. The social norm of switching from cold to hot

I don’t think I should be put into a box and feel compelled to only drink hot tea or coffee just because it’s getting cold out. Iced tea is delicious, arguably much better than hot tea. So, no one should be on my case about ordering something iced just because it’s cold out. Let me have my iced tea.

Mostly though, the whole pumpkin thing has just gone way too far. Except pumpkin muffins, those are bomb.

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3 thoughts on “Dear Fall, Stop With Your Bad Drinks

  1. Growing up in the UK, we drink hot tea all day every day,
    it is our unspoken ritual. So iced tea is something we only
    discovered moving to the South in the US, (getting ice in
    drinks in the UK doesn’t really happen, lol)

    Also drinking Cider is much more popular in the summer,
    (we have only stared seeing Cider in the US more recently)
    Who doesn’t love apples, & apples that make you tipsy?

    We never understood light beer, we would watch jocks buy
    a 36 pack of miller light or bud light, which tastes like ummm..
    Drinking just one screwdriver & being more tipsy than those
    guys drinking 10 light beers (& far less bathroom breaks)

    Similarly a bottle of Champage, Cava or Prosecco is $10 &
    is much more enjoyable than light beer. Bring on Summer!


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