RIP Keene Pumpkinfest, Owls Forever


It’s been a year since I was at my fifth Pumpkinfest, four as a student at and one as an alum. It’s also been one year since the last Pfest to be held in Keene, NH.

Rubber bullets, police in riot gear, tear gas, paintball guns, arrests, bonfires in the streets, helicopters telling everyone to return home, etc. A backyard party I was at got teargassed, which was fun. Even more fun was getting shot at with rubber bullets while leaving the party. The riot police were aggressive to say the least.

The worst part is most of the kids who caused the trouble were visiting from other schools, which I don’t blame them for, cuz it’s a huge party. But the fact that they ruined it for everyone else…I mean, come on.

It sucks to know that the Keene State Owls of today won’t know what celebrating a true Pumpkinfest is like. It was a tradition at Keene like no other. Silver lining, I know that every student at KSC is still celebrating this weekend, even though it’s now being held in Laconia. We’ll just make our own Pumpkinfest weekend. Owls forever.

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