October Favorites!

October monthly favoritesPretty self explanatory, these were my favorite things in the month of October. If you don’t care, don’t read, but you might find some things that you like!

  1. Football is back (technically a September favorite, but I wasn’t blogging yet)
    • Basically whenever the Pats are playing, I’m watching. When there are other football games on, I’m either actually watching, using them as background noise, or watching them to hold me over until the Pats play again.
  2. Revlon Colorburst balm stain in ‘honey’
    • For me this is a your-lips-but-better color. I really like it for work or just a casual day when I’m not feeling a bold lip. It’s extremely easy to apply, wears well, and doesn’t dry out my lips. I’m wearing it in the pic above!
  3. Naked Basics palette
    • I actually got this one after I bought the Naked Basics 2, but I like the first one much better. I use either for my everyday makeup look.
  4. I downloaded the WEEI app
    • Now I can listen to more than just the headlines with Minihane. Also, Brady Mondays are a thing I don’t like to miss.
  5. Serial
    • I know I’m really late to the party on this one, but this podcast was enthralling. It was different and interesting and I really can’t wait for the second season, no matter what it’s about.
  6. White Barn candle in scent ‘Mahogany Teakwood’
    • I have an obsession with candles and I’ve been loving this one lately. It just smells really good. I can’t explain the smell except that it reminds me of cologne. Just go smell it.
  7. Boardwalk Empire
    • I actually have SO much to say about this show that I could write an entire blog about it, which I’m not ruling out for the future. That weird guy from all the Adam Sandler movies (AKA Steve Buscemi) is the main character, so that’s pretty much all the inspiration you should need to watch it.
  8. Lush Shower Gel in ‘Dirty Springwash’
    • I haven’t met many Lush products that I don’t like, but I’m really into this one. It smells minty, which I love, and makes my skin feel really refreshed.

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