Starbucks Red Cups: So PC That It’s Not PC

starbucks holiday cupsSo some former pastor posted a video of his reaction to the new Starbucks red cups. Basically he says that they hate Jesus and Christmas, so you should go buy a coffee and tell them your name is ‘Merry Christmas’ to trick them into writing it on their cups. If you’re so butthurt about them making their seasonal cups red, wouldn’t you boycott them?

Not sure how giving them tons of new customers is sending them a message, they don’t care what you ask them to write on the damn cup.

Clearly Starbucks was making a move towards being PC here. They have created a blank canvas in celebration of any holiday, or to decorate for yourself if you’re so inclined. Then this guy claims they’re trying to murder Christmas because the cup is plain. It’s a cup. Maybe things got a bit too PC, but honestly, his theory is laughable.

As I was leaving today, a co-worker asked me, “Is that your Jesus-hating Starbucks cup?” It was a joke, but the meaning still stands. Some people out there actually think that Starbucks hates Jesus because of a cup.

If a red cup is your biggest issue, consider yourself lucky. Also, if you solve your hatred for a company by sending them tons of paying customers, you’re an idiot.

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