Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year Isn’t Even a Word

crying laughing emojiIt’s this emoji.

As a millennial, it’s pretty good. That’s without a doubt one of my most used emojis. But as someone who graduated with an English degree, AKA I studied actual words in college, I am unimpressed.

I get that they’re trying to be relevant, but it’s just that an emoji isn’t a word. It’s an image that shows an idea, emotion, object, etc. I guess they did some research and found out this was the most used emoji, but I could have told you that. Last year the word of the year was vape. At least that’s a word, but I can’t help but feel like Oxford Dictionary is being a try-hard.

What’s potentially worse is that ‘on fleek’ was one of the words that made the shortlist. Excuse me? There’s already a dictionary for slang words and phrases, it’s called Urban Dictionary. The Oxford Dictionary needs to do it’s own thing and make sure people still know real words. It’s kind of important.

All that being said, if it’s going to be an emoji, I’m glad it’s that one. Fire.

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