Netflix Original – Master of None

Netflix master of none reviewIf you like Aziz Ansari, odds are you’ll like Master of None. If you have a Netflix subscription, watch it. I binged this series in like 3 days. I started it with pretty low expectations and was pleasantly surprised by this Netflix Original series.

I like that the storyline, while episodic, brings to light a different theme or issue in each episode. Also, in true Aziz Ansari form, the themes are almost painfully relatable, in a good way. With each episode, you feel as though he gets you. It’s extremely modern and I appreciated the subtle, honest humor.

It’s not perfect, there’s moments when it tries too hard. Overall, though, Master of None made me laugh and focused on relatable topics. If you don’t like Aziz Ansari, then definitely don’t watch it, but honestly with episodes that are only about a half hour long you can’t really go wrong. Plus, if you don’t like Aziz Ansari, you should keep watching him until you realize that you actually do like him.


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