netflix making a murderer review

The Netflix Original, Making a Murderer, is being binge-watched by everyone right now. It focuses on Steven Avery, who served 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. A couple years later he is arrested for the murder of Teresa Halbach. The show follows his case chronologically, in real time, to tell the story of Steven Avery.

making a murderer:

LIGHT SPOILERS (not really something that can be spoiled cuz Google exists, but just in case) don’t come for me.

One of my biggest issues with the investigation is the key to Teresa Halbach’s car. Outrageous that it showed up underneath a pair of shoes like 3 days into their 8 day search. Clearly was planted there by one of the cops who blatantly hated Avery. Also outrageous, the fact that they quarantined the entire Avery lot for 8 days, so no one will ever really know what the police actually did there.

I do realize that Making a Murderer is very one-sided, I didn’t sit through the show thinking that he did it. He might have, but there was WAY too much reasonable doubt. The jurors were absolutely biased, which was sort of unavoidable since Steven Avery’s story had already been all over the news. In the beginning, most of the jurors were leaning towards a verdict of not guilty, but there seems to have been a few stubborn Avery-haters who convinced the rest that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A verdict that from a viewers standpoint, was ludicrous.

The other thing that I had a big issue with was the nephew. Finding him guilty with absolutely zero evidence other than his ‘confession’ was out of this world absurd. He has low intelligence and it was abundantly clear that the story he ‘confessed’ was fed to him. He was trying to guess and tell them what they wanted to hear so he could go back to school and hand in his project. Not buying it one bit that Brendan Dassey thought he was going to jail that day.

Making a Murderer shows viewers that it’s entirely possible for an innocent man to go to jail and almost impossible for him to get back out. I don’t know whether he did it or not, I’ve heard that people from his hometown are chirping that he definitely killed that woman, but either way there just wasn’t enough evidence. You’re telling me Steven Avery wiped the entire garage clean of evidence? And that the cops weren’t dirty at all in their 8 day quarantined search that provided very little actual evidence? Nope. Not buying it.


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