Nice People Get Called Liars Now

So Darius Fleming, a linebacker for the Patriots, saved a girl by kicking in her window and pulling her out of her car after a collision. He wasn’t flashy about it, just did a good deed and then went to have 22 stitches put in his leg since kicking in car windows typically causes injuries.

Today TMZ half-ass tried to confirm the story and when they couldn’t, they insinuated that he was lying about the whole thing. That it never even happened. If Fleming had just kept driving, this wouldn’t even be a story, but because he stopped to help someone out, he’s a giant liar? People are so quick to jump all over stories about nice people doing good things and claim they’re made up, but if something horrible happens they believe that right away.

Fleming was a nice guy that day. Saw a girl in trouble and helped her out for no other reason than just to help. TMZ, along with others who followed their lead, tried to ruin a nice story by implying it was made up. No one seems to be able to let a nice story be a nice story anymore, which is sad honestly. The Walpole police had to release a report about Fleming’s story being true for people to actually believe it.

Need more people who would take time out of their day to save a stranger from a car wreck and less people who call nice guys phonies.

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2 thoughts on “Nice People Get Called Liars Now

  1. The minute media gets involved in a current event, story, or situation it changes the perception society will have on that particular event. The media manipulates stories so they can gain more viewers, followers or ratings. It doesn’t even matter what event the media is referring to. They could be talking about 9/11 and then go off and claim that it was a bomb that caused the buildings to fall and not the planes that crashed into the towers killing thousands. It’s truly sad. Maybe if the media actually
    Reported, you know the truth, then society would be less likely to jump down each other’s throats. It’s time grow up America, there is a such thing as good people with good morals.

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