Dear Hollywood, Please Stop

pride and prejudice and zombiesSo, today a movie came out called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I, for one, am completely derailed by Hollywood’s decision to take a beloved classic and make it into another zombie movie. The book was bad enough. Look, zombies are great and all, but they have a time and a place and Pride and Prejudice is neither.

This is not a movie review because I absolutely refuse to watch this movie. I won’t promote Jane Austen’s literary genius being made into a movie in the zombie genre. I cannot fathom why a beautiful coming of age story known by everyone and taught by college professors would be turned into a zombie thriller. Zombies are cool and all, but didn’t anyone think about keeping the story pure and true to Jane Austen’s vision?

The character of Elizabeth Bennet was not written to eventually be slaying zombies in an alternate universe. A universe in which the black plague turns into the zombie apocalypse. A universe in which the Bennet daughters are trained for battle. A universe in which a formal ball turns into a zombie slaughter. Not for nothing I can’t really picture the Bennet girls running around with blush on their cheeks, flowers in their hair, and knives in their garters.

I guess overall I just want to know why. It’s bullshit to take an immensely popular story and alter it so aggressively by adding a zombie apocalypse. I don’t even dislike the zombie genre, I just don’t like that someone out there read this story and thought, ‘hmmm, you know what? This really could use some zombies.’ Jane Austen wrote a brilliant coming of age story about finding love in the most unexpected partner and now that story is about hunting and killing zombies. Oh, and the love thing, sort of. Dear Hollywood, please stop.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Hollywood, Please Stop

  1. sorry if that sounded like i was arguing or sounded rude. i hope it didn’t, i just love discussing opinions and comparing thoughts, i love when people disagree with me because i’m always curious about their reasons which you have plenty of valid ones 😋 just wanted to clear that up, no disrespect aha!


  2. actually as a huge jane austen fan, this is one of my favorite movies (along with the originals ofc!) they did lizzie bennett justice. lily james portrayed her perfectly and they stayed true to her character. it’s not supposed to take away anything from the original story, it’s supposed to be sort of a parody. i don’t blame you for not wanting to watch it, i thought it looked stupid at first but as soon as i saw it, it became an instant favorite. they even poked fun at darcy and his brooding moodiness and wicket’s character being the villain worked out perfectly. in the end the story was actually very close to the plot of the book, all the characters were immaculate in portrayal and the zombies just added a bit of a humorous twist. they’re only in like a few scenes to be honest. again, i’m not arguing i just love this movie a lot, or maybe i’m just always happy for some jane austen content. either way, take this as a compliment, i’ve disagreed with lots of things on your blog but i love it nonetheless! i could read all day 😋


  3. All Jane Austen books would be improved by the addition of zombies. Or vampires. Any monster really. Treasure Island could use some undead pirates and a Caribbean setting.


  4. I agree ! Zombies have their own place in our culture. It’s really unnecessary to put them into each and every other Genre. It’s humorous to watch a Zombie movie but let’s not desecrate the Classics. What’s next ?!? Is White Fang actually a WereWolf ?!?

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