Dear Everyone, Fat Shaming Is Never OK

pablo sandovalPablo Sandoval (AKA Panda) isn’t skinny, that’s just a fact. But does that mean he should be fat shamed? Some people would argue that yes, he should. He’s a professional baseball player and gets paid enough to be in good shape. Wanting him to be healthy is one thing, but accusing him of having an eating disorder is something else entirely.

There are many Mike Krukow quotes about Sandoval circulating right now, but the most offensive one is that Sandoval has an eating disorder. This could be speculation on Krukow’s behalf, or it could be completely true. If it is true, Sandoval should be the one deciding whether or not he wants everyone to know.

I know most people think that since he’s getting paid $19 million a year to play in the MLB, he should not be overweight. Basically, he should be earning that $19 million. That’s fine, but the Red Sox were well aware of his weight issue before signing him and shouldn’t be surprised. What is not fine is hating him because of his weight. All of us Red Sox fans knew what we were getting with Sandoval. If you want to hate him for underperforming, go ahead, but don’t hate him because of his weight.

Sandoval is a professional athlete and with that comes public scrutiny, but saying someone has an eating disorder and fat shaming them is taking it too far. There is no need to call into WEEI and call him a ‘disgusting, fat, slob.’ That’s too much. Yeah, he’s definitely supposed to be in better shape to play baseball, but body shaming still affects him. A Twitter account about his gut? Really? That’s just mean.

p.s. Panda, get in shape so you and your enormous chaw can keep playing for the Sox.

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4 thoughts on “Dear Everyone, Fat Shaming Is Never OK

  1. We don’t like him because his weight is causing him to underperform. Going by the numbers, he was the worst third basemen in baseball last year. He needs to get in shape and earn his money or else I will give him until May before he is on the bench.


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