Empties – Lush

lush empties reviewIt’s no secret that I adore Lush. They don’t test on animals and their products are handmade with fresh ingredients, which makes them great for my sensitive skin. So, an empties review of Lush products is kind of a no-brainer for me. If you’re thinking of trying any of these products, an empties review is a great place to start!

  1. Cupcake – fresh face mask
    • This cocoa face mask smells delicious! The cocoa powder and mint combine to create a smell not unlike a thin mint. Plus, you keep it in the fridge, so when you put it on it feels nice and cool. This one was a fun, gentle mask and it made my skin feel really nice afterwards.
  2. Mask of Magnaminty – face and body mask
    • This mask lasts a bit longer than the fresh face masks and doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Before this ran out, I used it once a week and loved the fresh minty smell. It’s intense and gritty enough to make your skin feel clean and rejuvenated, but doesn’t bother my sensitive skin at all.
  3. Mint Julips – lip scrub
    • I’m sensing a mint theme here…This one has peppermint in it, which gives a pleasant tingle sensation. The best part? After you exfoliate your lips, you can lick off the excess if you want to, it’s completely edible! After I use this my lips always look and feel really soft.
  4. Grease Lightning – tea tree cleanser
    • I have repurchased this one time and time again. My skin reacts really well to tea tree and this gel works wonders on any spots I might have. I started using this as a spot treatment a couple years ago and never turned back. It treats the spots without being overly drying. Best spot treatment I’ve used, ever.
  5. Tea Tree Water – toner
    • This is another one I always have on hand. I spritz this on after I wash my face and it’s so refreshing! I’ve heard good things about the other toners from Lush, and I’ve almost bought them a couple times, but I just can’t bring myself to not get this one. It benefits my skin without drying it out, has a nice natural smell, and I just love it!

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