the office top characters

Feitelberg posted a blog about this on Barstool yesterday and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. The catch? You have to pick your top 5 favorite characters from The Office, but you have a salary cap of $50,000 and designated prices for each character. It wasn’t easy, but I think I drafted a pretty decent team.

the office characters
Here’s the table Feitelberg used!
  1. Michael Scott: Kind of a no brainer. Michael Scott has to be on the team, no questions asked. He IS the office and without him it just isn’t as funny. Need him.
  2. Jim Halpert: He’s my favorite character, it wouldn’t be a top 5 list without him. Also, Michael Scott and Jim Halpert is an underrated pairing, they feed off each other while also balancing each other out.
  3. Darryl Philbin: Another no-brainer for me. He’s low-key hilarious while also bringing a calm presence to an otherwise nonsensical office. Unreal that he’s not more expensive.
  4. David Wallace: Hear me out. The conversations between Michael Scott and David Wallace are funny because of Michael, but David adds to it. He is the dry, CEO businessman to Michael’s zany, yet lovable manager.
  5. Clark Green: Had to throw in a wild card. He doesn’t join the team until the ninth season, but I really like the guy who plays him, Clark Duke. Also, the whole new Jim, new Dwight bit had it’s moments.

Total: $48,700 for my top 5 characters. Like I said, wasn’t easy. Had to leave some people out because some of the best characters are too expensive. Wanting both Michael and Jim on my team was a tall order.

Who would you pick? Who are YOUR favorite characters from The Office?



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