monthly favorites

I’m a bit late this month, but my monthly favorites still deserve to be shared. Is it just me or did March go by really quickly? I HOPE you had a wonderful month & if not, maybe next month will be better. HERE are my favorites, some things I was loving more than all the other things this month!

monthly favorites:

    • I wrote a review on these new liquid lippies in my last blog if you’re interested in learning more! I got these in the shades lace detail, push-up, bedtime flirt and ruffle trim. I’ve been absolutely loving them and wearing them non-stop. The three lighter shades have gotten more use, but the darker one is lovely as well! They’re only $7 each and I’m officially obsessed.
    • I’ve had these for awhile, but I’ve been showing them some love this March. I really like that the lenses are blue and the slight cat eye is perfect! It’s fun to switch it up and wear these sunnies since they’re so different from my others.
  3. ESSIE NAIL POLISH – mint candly apple
    • Now that it’s spring, I’ve been loving lighter shades on my nails. Right now I’m wearing this mint green color from Essie. It’s a lovely shade and I really like Essie nail polishes in general. They’re not extremely expensive and they wear decently with a base and top coat.
    • I’ve been using these for a long time now and I haven’t found any that I like as much. I rip them in half and use them to remove just my eye makeup, but you can also use them to remove a whole face full of makeup. My favorite thing about them is that you don’t have to scrub for them to work, you can be really gentle and still get all that makeup off!
  5. TAZO TEA – Zen
    • Tazo makes some delicious tea and their green tea is no exception. I’m huge on green tea and this one makes my list! It’s green tea with lemongrass and spearmint and for me, the spearmint really makes this tea. It adds just a bit of mint that goes really well with the flavor of the green tea. I recommend giving it a try if you’re a tea lover.
    • I recently went to a Passafire concert and they were absolutely amazing. They sounded exactly the same live and it was SO much fun. They hung around after their set, which was really cool because we got to go over and chat with them! They were so nice and it was really wonderful to meet them. So the concert, as well as the t-shirt I got, definitely earn a spot in my March monthly favorites.

COMMENT BELOW & tell me something pretty, your monthly favorites, something cool that happened this month!



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