25 things I've learned

My birthday was last week and it got me thinking about what I’ve learned in my 25 years. A quarter of a century is a milestone FOR SURE & I figured I’d celebrate by sharing some things I’ve learned, so far. SO in no particular order, here are 25 things I’ve learned in 25 years.

  1. Goodell is a clown who should get fired
  2. not to start my night with vodka red bulls, but I don’t let that stop me from doing so anyways
  3. always continue watching Netflix after that screen pops up asking if you’re still watching, don’t let them tell you what to do
  4. if coffee makes you jittery, switch to tea
  5. Tom Brady is the GOAT and the only reason people don’t like him is because they’re jealous
  6. not to unplug things using only one hand, causing you to electrocute yourself, also definitely don’t do this twice…
  7. getting hit in the head with a soccer ball hurts pretty bad when you’re 5 and playing a kids vs. parents soccer game
  8. some tv show pilot episodes are amazing, while others are terrible, but both could be equally spectacular shows
  9. sometimes you just need to take a nap
  10. as far as fashion sense goes, wear whatever you want, but also keep in mind that sometimes your friend knows best
  11. be spontaneous every so often, some of the best memories come from just going with the flow and being open to new things
  12. be friends with people who would do anything for you and vise versa
  13. I’ve learned what it’s like to truly love a pet
  14. there probably aren’t any swamp monsters in the goop at the bottom of lakes, but you can never be too careful
  15. not to swing too hard at a piñata, I was at a birthday party when I was younger and I swung too hard and ended up splitting my knee open, I still have the scar
  16. coffee is good hot and ice-cold, but if you let hot coffee get cold it’s gross
  17. one time I got carded for trying to buy ginger beer, I told the lady she could see my ID,  but that there was no alcohol in it and she proceeded to argue with me
  18. it is possible to sprain your ankle by falling UP the stairs
  19. don’t let anyone treat you badly, for any reason
  20. the moon is really cool and if you don’t think so you should try staring at it until you agree that it’s actually really cool
  21. sometimes your cab driver gets pulled over for speeding and gets a ticket
  22. you can never have too many candles
  23. I’ve learned that if your brother bothers a wasp and then hides behind a tree, the wasp might fly under your shirt and sting you a million times even though you did nothing wrong
  24. even if you’re having the worst day ever, try to find one thing to smile about
  25. Aliens are most definitely real & I won’t accept any other answer

COMMENT BELOW & let me know one of your favorite life lessons!



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