May Favorites

may monthly favoritesAnother month, another monthly favorites post. May is over and I’m here to share what I liked more than anything else this month. So, here are my May favorites!

  1. ColourPop Lippie Stix – Cookie
    • I have been absolutely obsessed with this lippie stix from ColourPop this month. It smells amazing, goes on smooth, and is a wonderful nude color. If you’re interested in my full review I wrote a blog post reviewing this ColourPop product as well as their liquid lipstick!
  2. Magic Bullet
    • I got this for my birthday last month and I’ve been loving it! I’ve been using it to make smoothies and have not been disappointed. Since you can drink out of the cup you use to make the smoothie, there’s minimal clean-up and it’s really easy to make one serving size. I would definitely recommend it!
  3. Views by Drake
    • I’m not always the biggest fan of Drake’s music, but I’ve been listening to Views and I’m really liking it. My favorite songs are “Feel No Ways,” “Hype,” “With You,” and “Views.” That being said, the whole album is absolutely worth a listen, I’ve been putting it on at work and just letting the whole album play through!
  4. Yoga Ball
    • I finally got a yoga ball, or stability ball, and I’ve been loving the new workouts I’m able to do now! Anything that makes working out more fun is good in my book and this does just that. If you’re looking for a new way to workout and strengthen your core, I would recommend checking out some stability ball workouts.
  5. Clubround sunglasses – Ray-Ban
    • I have been wearing these non-stop since I bought them! I really like the shape and the black with the gold. Plus, they’re very similar to the Ray-Ban Clubmasters and those are my other favorites sunglasses from Ray-Ban. Can’t go wrong with a nice pair of black sunnies.
  6. Arrested Development
    • I know I’m SO behind on getting into this show, but it’s hilarious and I can’t help but share. My friend told me to watch it since I’m into shows with a dry sense of humor and his recommendation did not disappoint. You can’t really go wrong with having Jason Bateman as the main character, plus I’m a total sucker for Michael Cera.

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