What’s In My Bag?

The answer? Quite a lot. I’m pretty bad at cleaning out my purse, I typically just continue to throw junk in there until it’s too heavy, then I clean it out. In case anyone is wondering, I have a Le Pliage Longchamp in beige. Without further adieu, I’m going to show you what’s in my bag and try not to feel like Allison Reynolds (AKA the basket case) from The Breakfast Club. 

  • My nane’s mirror – everyone needs a mirror in their bag and this one has special meaning to me
  • A note from flowers that I got for my birthday – I love it and I’m sentimental
  • My glasses – I need them to see things
  • Replenish rewetting drops – for when my contacts get really dry and/or spontaneously fall out
  • Aleve – I don’t think I’ve ever taken any of these, but I have them for when other people need them
  • Hand sanitizer – cuz the world is a gross place
  • A travel toothbrush and toothpaste – my friend is a dental assistant and got these for me, you never know when you’ll need to brush them pearly whites, ya know?
  • Lint roller – essential to have in your purse, especially if you love animals and wearing black
  • My wrist brace – I have wrist issues and that thing comes in handy, let me tell you
  • Headphones – I use these every single day at work, plus you never know when you’ll need headphones
  • 6 lip products – these are my go-to everyday lip colors that I like to always keep with me, plus two chapsticks
  • Tide To Go – this has saved me quite a few times, I use it on my clothes, shoes, bag, you name it
  • The tag from buying my purse – I don’t know why
  • Hair ties – you always need to have one with you
  • Pens – another absolute essential in my bag
  • Gucci Guilty – I am obsessed with this scent, I have two of these and the full size bottle, I take it everywhere with me
  • Hand lotion – dry hands are gross, right?
  • Dental floss – I’ve always had one of these in my bag, but I’ve never needed to use it
  • My wallet – I mean, obviously, kinda need that one
  • Nyx palette – the salmon color I use ran out, so I re-purchased and threw this one in my purse for concealer emergencies
  • 2 hair clips – cuz having your hair in your face at work is annoying
  • Ray-bans – no matter what season or weather, I always have a pair of sunnies in my bag

And that’s what’s in my bag!

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