June Favorites

June monthly favoritesAs expected, I’m sharing my June favorites with you today. I hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July weekend! Here are the things I’ve been loving more than other things this month.

  1. La Croix Sparkling Water – Cran-Raspberry
    • I admit that I’m a total sucker for seltzer water, but this stuff is delicious. The flavor is amazing and I’m pretty excited to try the others. I don’t know yet if it beats my love for Polar seltzer, but I’ve been reaching for these more often lately!
  2. Calvin Klein – Bralette
    • This is honestly one of the comfiest things I’ve ever worn. Perfect for layering, or just for when you’re bumming around the house and can’t be bothered with real clothes. I bought the panties that go with the bralette and 10/10 would recommend if you like comfort.
  3. Milani Luminoso – Baked Blush
    • I wanted to make sure I really liked this before putting it on my monthly favorites, and I do. I got mine at Target for about $7 and I’ve been using it almost every day since. It’s a gorgeous peach color, highly pigmented and fairly inexpensive, I’m obsessed.
  4. Room
    • I watched the movie version of this, made my parents watch it, then ended up reading the book because my mum picked it up. Emma Donoghue really knows how to tell a story and her writing style is spectacular. I would absolutely recommend checking this out, whether you’re a book or movie person!
  5. Shark Week
    • Last week was shark week and I can’t stop myself from watching as many shark specials as humanly possible. Thanks Discovery Channel, I am and always will be, shark week obsessed.
  6. Spoolie
    • I can’t believe this hasn’t been in a monthly favorites yet! I’ve just recently started filling in my brows a bit, I prefer them to look more natural. This one’s from ELF and I got it at Target for literally $1. It’s one of those things that I used once and couldn’t believe I didn’t already have one. Go get yourself a spoolie.
  7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    • I’m really into Netflix Originals and this one wasn’t an exception. I wrote a review (without any spoilers) if you’re interested in hearing more of my thoughts! Ellie Kemper is just as funny and endearing as she was in The Office and Tina Fey being one of the creators is never a bad thing.

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