Unpopular Opinion: Pokémon Go Looks Dumb

pokemon goDisclaimer: I haven’t downloaded the app or played it and I have no intention of doing so because I think it looks dumb.

Not only does the game look stupid, but you look stupid walking around with a group of friends with your nose to your phone. Pick your head up and take a look at the actual world. Walking around outside and staring at your phone is an insane activity to me. Almost as strange as wandering around a graveyard—where some of the pokéstops are located—to play a game on your phone.

I get that it’s a good way to get people outside and active. It’s also a good way to cross the street without looking because you’re unable to tear your eyes away from your phone. And it’s a good way to trespass because you just had to get that Pikachu. Since this app uses your location, robbers have begun luring players into secluded areas to rob them, so it’s also a good way to get mugged. All good things that sound like a ton of fun!

Way too many shenanigans for an app that just got released last week. Kids running around the city having imaginary Pokémon battles with very real strangers. I even heard about a guy getting stabbed because he asked a stranger if he wanted to battle and the guy waited to go to the hospital cuz he was on a hot Pokémon catching streak. Maybe you’ll make some new friends, maybe someone will rob or stab you. Either way, gotta catch ’em all, right?

p.s. If you like Pokémon Go and you’re having fun playing it, cool. I just personally happen to think it looks dumb & a bit dodgy.

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