I love essie nail polish, so when I saw that they came out with a gel polish I had to try it! Above are some before and after pictures of right when I painted my nails and then again a week later. I have some thoughts on the essie gel nail polish & I’m ready to share them!

I painted my nails with the gel couture ‘Sew Me’ pink-nude shade in the photos above. I am definitely surprised at how long it lasted without chipping and even more surprised at how nice they looked a week later!

I really like the brush on these polishes because it’s thicker and flatter than other essie brushes, which made it easier to apply. I did two coats of the pink gel polish and one clear top coat. The first chips in my nail polish came a few days after, on my thumb & middle finger, BUT at least they made it through the weekend!

When I took the polish off, it was actually easier to remove than regular essie polish. This definitely came as a surprise as gel nails from a salon can be a pain to remove. AND BONUS: you don’t need the UV lamp, so you’re saving your fingers from all that UV exposure!

I went out and got another color because I loved it so much. It’s the shade ‘Zip Me Up’ which is mint green. This time when I painted my nails I used a base coat. I found my nails were a bit dry after removing the other shade. If you like essie or gel polish I would definitely recommend giving these a try.


In da comments, let me know if you’ve tried the essie gel nail polish & what you thought!

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