Review – Essie Gel Couture and Gel Setter Polish


I love Essie nail polish, so when I saw that they came out with a gel polish I had to try it! Above are some before and after pictures of right when I painted my nails and then again a week later. I have some thoughts on the Essie Gel Couture polish and I want to share my review with you!

I painted my nails with the Gel Couture ‘Sew Me’ pink-nude shade in the photos above. I am definitely surprised at how long it lasted without chipping and even more surprised at how nice they looked a week later!

I really like the brush on these polishes because it’s thicker and flatter than other Essie brushes, which made it easier to apply. I did two coats of the Gel Couture and one coat of the Gel Setter top coat. The first small chips in my nail polish came on Monday on my right thumb and right middle finger. I’m a righty, so it was kinda expected, but at least they made it through the weekend!

When I took the polish off, it was actually easier to remove than regular Essie polish. This definitely came as a surprise as gel nails from a salon can be a pain to remove. And bonus: you don’t need the UV lamp, so you’re saving your fingers from all that UV exposure!

I went out and got another color because I loved it so much. It’s the Gel Couture ‘Zip Me Up’ mint green shade. This time when I painted my nails I used a base coat. I found my nails were a bit dry after removing the other shade, so I thought the base coat might help. If you like Essie or gel polish I would definitely recommend giving this a try!

Have you tried Essie nail polish? Or the Gel Couture and Gel Setter combo? What did you think?

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