netflix original narcos

In case you don’t know the story of Pablo Escobar, this post won’t contain any spoilers. Narcos is a Netflix Original series following Escobar, a drug lord in Columbia, and currently has two seasons available to watch. Per usual, no spoilers, just my general thoughts on the series!


I guess the first thing you should know, which is kind of obvious, is that most of the show is done using sub-titles. There’s an American DEA agent who is both in the show and acts as a narrator, which adds an interesting contrast between the English and Spanish languages.

There were two aspects of the show that really stood out to me. First, they mix in real footage. The series is based on a true story and inserting real photos and videos really brings this point home. It fits seamlessly into the story line and style of filming, backing up the nostalgic feel of the characters and story being told.

And the second thing I really like about Narcos is the camera work. There are some extremely creative and unexpected camera angles that make you feel almost a bit uncomfortable. For example, there are a few shots of people laying in bed, but the camera shot is vertical, not horizontal as is typical for this type of shot. I feel that this keeps you guessing and keeps you on edge, much like the series itself.

Also, the acting was magnificent. Kudos to the casting director of this Netflix Original series. Wagner Moura, the guy who plays Pablo Escobar, is so believable in his role and has the frown to prove he’s a drug lord not to be messed with.

If you have a Netflix account and any interest in Narcos, Pablo Escobar, or series that are based on true events, I would recommend giving this a watch.




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