Stop Trying to Make Denim on Denim Happen

style jeans denimI’m not sure why, but every few years or so, denim on denim comes back into trend. My friend sent me a picture of Mila Kunis, who is absolutely stunning on the cover of Glamour Magazine sans makeup. The problem? She’s wearing a denim jacket with jeans, AKA a Canadian Tuxedo. Can we all just decide that if Mila Kunis can’t pull off double denim, then no one can?

I know everyone has their own style and what-not. I’m all for that, but I draw the line at dressing head to toe in denim. It wasn’t a good look the first time it was on trend and it’s still not a good look. Britney and Justin couldn’t make it work back in 2001 and Mila Kunis can’t make it work in 2016.

Jeans look good with almost anything and people are out there just matching it with more denim? Why? Wear your jean jacket with literally any article of clothing other than jeans. It’s not working, it doesn’t look good, it’s never looked good, stop trying to make it a thing.

P.S. I apologize to any jean-lovers that I may have offended while writing this blog.


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