Starbucks Red Cups – Blogmas Day 2

blogmas starbucks red cups

Last year I wrote a blog about the Starbucks red cups. You know, the ones that were plain red in an attempt to not hurt anyone’s feelings over the holidays? Well, to no one’s surprise, this year they took a different approach on being politically correct, AKA PC, for the holiday season! They chose 13 cups designed by customers from all around the world to decorate the plain red cup of last year using their own festive designs. I find it humorous that they took such a different, yet still PC, approach to their red cups this year compared to last year. Not everything has to be 100% PC. Someone is always going to be offended and I think that’s alright.

I do think the cups hold more meaning this year than they did last year. I haven’t heard any complaints about the cup designs, so I guess they achieved their goal. It’s a pretty cool concept that these were drawn by so many people from such different backgrounds. It seems as though Starbucks really stepped their game up this year and tried to do something fun and creative while still trying not to offend anyone, so good for them. But also, stop being so PC all the time.

P.S. There was a chai tea latte in that cup, 10/10 would recommend.


JAM ❤️

7 thoughts on “Starbucks Red Cups – Blogmas Day 2

  1. First things first, your blog is BEAUTIFUL. The design, the layout; it’s all amazing. Also, you are, like, really pretty! (had to get a Mean Girls line in there 😊)
    I love Starbucks! I need to get myself a Chai Tea Latte; I haven’t tried it yet.
    Great post and great hair!


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