5 Holiday Pamper Ideas – Blogmas Day 12

The holiday season can get fairly stressful for a number of reasons. It’s fun finding the perfect gift for someone, or going and picking out a Christmas tree. What isn’t fun is the traffic and all the crowded stores. Sometimes you just need to de-stress and for that, I give you five ways to pamper yourself this holiday season! 

  1. Take a bath
    • This is the perfect time to relax with one of Lush’s many holiday themed bath bombs! The one pictured above is Lord of Misrule, one of my favorite holiday scents from Lush. Personally, I like to pour a glass of wine before I pop my bath bomb in. It’s relaxing to know your only responsibility for a half hour or so is to lounge in the tub.
  2. Get/make a hot beverage
    • Got your eye on that new coffee shop that just opened? Craving a huge cup of hot cocoa with Baileys? Or maybe you’re in the mood for a cup of tea. I usually go with tea! Taking a few moments to get yourself a hot drink to sip on is a great way to treat yourself and there are so many festive options to choose from!
  3. Do a face mask
    • There’s always something so nice about doing a face mask. Slap one on after washing your face at night and your skin will thank you in the morning! Most of them don’t take very long, but it’s an extra step you can take to look and feel your best. And who doesn’t want to look their best for the annual holiday party?
  4. Light a candle
    • I find candles so relaxing. I love watching the candle flame flicker and the holiday scents are just lovely. I always feel cozy when a candle is lit and filling the home with seasonal scents. Need some candle inspo? Check out my Bath & Body Works candle haul from earlier this blogmas!
  5. Hang out with friends
    • Wine night anyone? Throw on an ugly sweater and go hang out with other humans that you like! I think it’s important to set aside time to be with friends, laugh and enjoy yourself. Put aside all of the things you still need to do to get ready for the holidays, if only for a night.

What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself? I’d love to hear what you do to relax!

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