Favorite Old Christmas Cards – Blogmas Day 13

I thought it’d be fun to look back on some old Christmas cards that my mum and dad sent out when my older brother and I were little. So, I picked two of my favorites to share! Can’t help but love old pictures, especially ones where you’re all dressed up & what-not.

The clothes, the Santa hats, the candy cane all over my face. I love the whole thing. I love that he’s hugging me in the first picture and that our smiles are huge in the second one. And I’m into the fact that one was taken at home while the other was taken professionally, it gives them different vibes.

But, seriously, look at those clothes! My holiday dress on the left? Fantastic print. And the jumper and leggings on the right with the patterned collar? Out of this world. Apparently collars were in when I was little and I’m not mad about it AT ALL. My brother’s green turtleneck is pretty great as well, those have come full circle. Fashion is funny that way.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?



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