12 Days of Christmas on a Budget | Part 2 – Blogmas Day 14

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Last year I wrote part 1 of 12 days of Christmas on a budget and I have more ideas, so I’m doing part 2 this year! I think it’s important to take some time during the holidays to have some fun with friends and family without spending so much money. So, here are 12 more ideas for inexpensive holiday fun! 

  1. Volunteer
    • This is free and a great way to help out others during the holidays. Grab some friends and bring them along with you for bonus fun!
  2. DIY decorations
    • Decorating doesn’t always have to come at such a high price. Pictured above, we made holiday stockings to hang in my office! Inexpensive and fun.
  3. Try out new cookie recipes
    • Love baking around the holidays? Try your hand at some new recipes! Not too many people will turn down festive treats and if you like to bake, it’s relaxing for you as well.
  4. Holiday cocktails
    • Plan a get-together and make some holiday cocktails! Having a few homemade drinks with your friends is a great way to un-wind and much cheaper than going to the bar.
  5. Elf on the shelf
    • For those of you who have kids, this is a great way to get them excited for the holidays. You can get as creative as you want! I’ve seen some fun ideas from the elf making snow angels in a pile of flour, to making smores on a tea light.
  6. Holiday clothes/pajamas
    • Not feeling the spirit? Throw on a holiday t-shirt or sleep in your favorite pajamas featuring all of the reindeer. Sometimes a festive outfit can put you in the holiday spirit even if you’re not quite there yet.
  7. Host a christmas tea
    • If cocktails aren’t really a thing, host a Christmas tea! Have everyone bring a snack and their favorite tea to drink this time of year, and you’ve got yourself an inexpensive way to celebrate and spend time with loved ones.
  8. Yankee swap
    • Have a yankee swap! Keep the price low for the gifts, or have everyone bring something handmade. Sweet treats, DIY crafts, whatever they’d like as long as they made it themselves, or spent little money.
  9. Watch old home videos
    • It’s always fun watching home videos! Throw on some old videos of your family celebrating the holidays for a free way to get in the holiday spirit. Everyone grab a hot cocoa and gather around the TV!
  10. Make a holiday playlist
    • This way you’ll be able to listen to your favorite holiday songs at all times! Keep the playlist on your phone so that you can listen to it in the car during your holiday travels.
  11. Learn how other people celebrate the holidays
    • Ask a co-worker what they do to celebrate the holidays. Whether it’s a specific tradition that they’ve done every year, or they celebrate Hannukah, other people have some interesting things to share!
  12. Go for a walk
    • Fill some to-go mugs with a hot beverage of your choice and get outside! Walk around and look at all the pretty lights. Since you’re not driving, you’ll have more time to actually look and enjoy how beautiful everything looks. Just don’t stop and look too long, don’t be a creep.



4 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas on a Budget | Part 2 – Blogmas Day 14

  1. Wow Jamesta looks like you have gotten creative in your old age, 😂! Who knew! I just have a comment about the hosting a Christmas “tea”. As you know our fam has been doing that for years, Once you got older you were put on the guest list, Soooo please tell me how many of these “teas” you have been to that “tea” was actually served? 😂😂😂☕️☕️


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