Holiday Lush Haul | Blogmas Day 15

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Fellow Lush addicts know that it’s damn exciting when the seasonal products come out. Personally, I can’t get through the holiday season without some Lord of Misrule in my life. Lush’s products are vegetarian, handmade, and aren’t tested on animals, can’t go wrong. Check out what I picked up from the Lush Christmas line! 

  1. Shower Cream – Lord of Misrule
    • I’m always sad to see this scent go, but I’m always so excited to get my hands on it! This is a shower cream, so you’re getting clean and moisturizing at the same time. It’s a gorgeous shade of festive green with black pepper, patchouli, and vanilla. I’m obsessed with the smell, it’s a bit spicy while still being sweet.
  2. Pip – Butterball & Luxury Lush Pud bath bombs
    • This one I bought as a gift because I just couldn’t help myself! I love that she comes with two different bath bombs, one for soft skin and one for relaxing. Plus, two bath bombs wrapped up to look like a penguin is just adorable.
  3. Bath Bomb – Luxury Lush Pud
    • I haven’t tried this yet, but it smells just lovely! I grabbed this particular bath bomb because the featured ingredient is lavender oil, which sounds lovely for a nighttime bath. It’s promoted to get rid of tension and help you relax and sometimes during the holidays, you need just that.
  4. Bath Bomb – Lord of Misrule
    • No-brainer. Need the shower gel, need the bath bomb. Need this scent during the holiday season. I didn’t expect this to turn my bath water pink, but delightfully enough it did! I came out smelling wonderful. 10/10 would recommend anything in the Lord of Misrule scent.

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