Story Time | How I Found Out About Santa Claus – Blogmas Day 23

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Some people believe in Santa Claus their whole lives and that’s great. But for others, how does he travel all over the world in one night? How does he fit through the chimney? What if there is no chimney? Why can his reindeer fly? Because he’s Santa. Being festive around the holidays is a feeling; believing in Santa is a feeling.

When I was 9 or so I was watching Just Shoot Me with my dad around the holidays. So in the episode we were watching, Nina Van Horn stormed into an elevator and, snarky per usual, said something about Santa not being real. The look on my dad’s face. Complete disbelief. And I of course immediately had questions. ‘What does she mean?’ ‘Is Santa not real?’ ‘Why did she say that?’

And then my dad told me. But really, Nina Van Horn told me. We still laugh about it today, that I found out about Santa Claus from Just Shoot Me. A lot of kids just ask their parents one year, or maybe find out from a kid at school. I mean, I feel like once you find out for sure, it makes a lot more sense. Come on, really, how does he travel all the way around the world in just a single night? You kinda know before you know for sure. But like I said, Santa is a feeling, so spread the love. 2 days to go people.



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