Review – Luxury Lush Pud

lush luxury lush pudI got some Lush bath bombs this Christmas and Luxury Lush Pud was one of them. I like a nice bath every now and then. Grab a glass of wine, draw a bath, pamper myself a bit. My mum got me this one for Christmas and I absolutely loved it! Just another seasonal Lush product that you wish wasn’t seasonal. 


The Luxury Lush Pud turned my bath a beautiful shade of foamy pink. The featured ingredient is lavender oil, so it was a really soothing bath. This bath bomb is meant to aid in relaxation while diminishing tension and it did just that! Don’t sleep on the wine though, sipping that was relaxing as well. The colored circles broke off while it was fizzing and created little islands of their own, it was fairly colorful before the pink took over. You can’t beat a relaxing, lavender-scented bath and the mistletoe on the top is just too cute!

I have a few more bath bombs in my stash to try, but I would love to hear your suggestions. What’s your favorite bath bomb?

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