Jenna Fischer, AKA Pam from The Office, has come a long way since getting banned from Chili’s for a lifetime. If you haven’t seen the episode, they all go to Chili’s for the Dundies, she drinks a few too many margaritas, then gets banned from the restaurant chain. But also, if you haven’t seen the episode, go watch it. 

This changed last week when she tweeted the above picture joking, ‘Should I try to go in?’ I saw when she first tweeted it out and thought it was just hilarious. And it got even better when Chili’s responded and formally lifted the lifetime ban. Pam Beesly can go back to Chili’s and enjoy second drink!

As for their reply, in the episode she announces during her award speech, “And I feel God in this Chili’s tonight.” I just love the playful conversation between actress and restaurant chain and I can’t help but love an Office joke. I like that Chili’s made a 12 year old reference to the episode in their response. We know where Jim and Pam will be going for Valentine’s Day.

Also, in this episode Pam falls off her stool at the bar after the office party. This happened to me IRL, just nice to know I’m in good company.the office jim and pam

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