Review – So White Bath Bomb

so white bath bomb reviewThis Lush bath bomb was actually a Christmas gift, I’m just getting around to the review now! I like a relaxing bath every so often, it’s nice to set aside some time to pamper yourself a bit. Also, wine. Onto my review. 


Although it’s called so white, it turned my bath a pleasant shade of green. It was really foamy and my skin was so soft afterwards! Definitely good during the colder months to keep your skin hydrated. It smells like apples, but more of a refreshing scent than an overly sweet smell and not overpowering at all. It’s shaped like a real apple too, complete with the little green leaf on top, which I think is a cute touch. It went well with my glass of white wine, so I’d recommend trying this seasonal scent when it comes back around.

What’s your favorite bath bomb? Need recommendations.

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