Unpopular Opinion: I Prefer Jane Levy as Mandy in Shameless

shamelessThis pic sums up my feels on Mandy being replaced with a new actress in season 2 of Shameless. No h8, but season 1 Mandy was better. I just prefer Jane Levy over Emma Greenwell as Mandy Milkovich overall.

I’m sure there was a reason. Maybe Levy wanted to do Suburgatory, maybe she didn’t want to be naked all the time, who knows (unless someone does, then let a girl know in the comments). I’m also sure some people prefer the new Mandy, or really don’t give a damn. Fine.

But I liked her and I wasn’t prepared to see a strange face on my screen. I like Levy, I watched Suburgatory & she was so good in it. I was pretty excited to see that she was on Shameless and then poof, replaced. Meh.

p.s. anyways, we all know Mickey is the only Milkovich that really matters.

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7 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion: I Prefer Jane Levy as Mandy in Shameless

  1. I didn’t even realize that they switched actors until someone pointed it out but I do like the “new” Mandy more, for me she’s obviously more memorable.


  2. I only just started watching Shameless yesterday because my friend said I had to watch it…I was just starting to like Mandy and her friendship with Ian, damn xD Well..at least now I know not to get too attached now


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