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You could also call this ‘Things I Don’t Leave My House Without.’ I feel like the things people carry around with them everywhere define them in a way. So, I like knowing what a person simply can’t leave the house without because it gives you a glimpse into what they’re about. So, here’s what I take with me everywhere, my everyday essentials.

  • My nalgene – cuz drinking water is pretty essential
    • side note: my friend got me the pineapple sticker and it’s my fave
  • A hat and scarf – New England winters get cold, so I don’t typically leave the house without a hat and scarf
    • I’ve been especially loving this blanket scarf from Target and I reach for my Neat Dude beanie all the time
  • Planner, notebook, pen – I use the planner to schedule my blog posts, the notebook is for my thoughts, and I always have like 5 pens on me at all times
    • Can’t really beat a Pantone notebook in sun orange
  • Glasses and sunglasses – cuz I can’t see without glasses or contacts and I can’t see when the sun’s in my eyes
  • Soap & Glory Hand Food – cuz sometimes you need hand lotion (and it smells amazing!)
  • Some of my go-to lip products – If I don’t choose a specific lip, I throw on one of these
    • The Tarte Lippie Lingerie in exposed is a lovely matte my-lips-but-better shade and the Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain is a similar color, but isn’t matte
    • Burt’s Bees original chapstick, obviously, don’t go anywhere without it
  • Gucci Guilty – cuz it’s my favorite scent and the travel size is perfect
  • My phone – AKA my phablet, as any good millennial, don’t leave the house without it




  1. ❤ Jenna Marbles always wears that beanie!! I have always wanted one of those. I love the quote, "Not all those who wander are lost" That speaks to my soul. Great little post.


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