sunday routine

Sundays are for nursing a mean hangover, or for mimosas over brunch. They’re for sleeping in, cuddling, pillow talk, watching movies, blogging, taking a bath, football. Also, I’m obsessed with this cactus pajama set from ASOS, so Sundays are for wearing these for half the day.

So essentially, for me Sundays are for lounging. My friend Matt once said, “Don’t let your Mondays ruin your Sundays” and ya know what? I completely fucking agree. Too often we ruin Sundays by thinking about what we have to do on Monday. Enjoy the day, pamper yourself, relax a little. Worry about Monday tomorrow and enjoy Sunday for what it is. A day to lounge. Or, when football season comes, a day to eat a ton of food and watch your team play.

COMMENT BELOW & let me know what YOU like to do on Sundays!



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