13 reasons why review

I can’t stop, won’t stop watching Netflix. This past weekend I binged 13 Reasons Why in two days. I had to know all of the answers. I also had to review this Netflix Original. No spoilers, just my general thoughts on the story of Hannah Baker and her 13 reasons. So now, the review.


13 Reasons Why is a devastating, almost poetic series about a girl named Hannah Baker. Her story is told in both present day and flashbacks, a style of storytelling I’ve always quite liked. The acting in this Netflix Original is excellent and the story raw and unapologetic. It grabs your attention with just the right balance of questions and answers to keep you guessing.

Honestly though, the story is kinda fucked up. A lot happens in this show that’s really dark, I wouldn’t call it a lighthearted watch. That being said, it shines a light on a lot of important issues that aren’t depicted in shows very often. Taboo topics aren’t always easy to talk about, so a lot of people just avoid them altogether, but they do kinda need to be talked about. This show does just that. It’s important to be there for your friends and family and it’s important to reach out if you’re feeling down.

p.s. If you watched this and hated it, that’s fine. If you watched it and loved it, great! And if you watched it and are feeling sad, I have a contact page, come chat with me!

Any Netflix suggestions? What should I binge watch next?





  1. The series haunted me. As an adult whose child is grown, I wish I had the opportunity to see it when she was a pre-teen and teenager. I thought I was a mom who had a grip on the reality of her world, but I obviously wasn’t aware of all the obstacles she had to tread. It’s gotten a lot of negative media, but I think it was well-written, superbly acted, and raw and honest. It makes people ‘feel’–different for each person–that’s a story worth watching.


    1. ugh, so good. definitely a bit disturbing, but yes, the issues are really important to bring attention to! I’m not watching anything new right now, but I’m excited for season 2 of master of none to come out tomorrow!

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      1. Masters of None season 2? I’d love to see your thoughts on that.

        Also did you read the original book 13 Reasons Why? I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the series as an adaptation?


  2. This series is just so beautiful. I hated the last 2 episodes, because I can’t handle seeing this cruel things happening to a girl. Especially the last one where they show you the cutting-part. And oh my lord, isn’t clay cute? It’s just that he is so awkward but he was and still is so lovely about Hannah. I think the episode about him (11?) is the best episode of the series 😦 ♥

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    1. yes, hauntingly beautiful! ugh, I hear ya. some of the episodes are quite hard to watch, but it’s just so important to touch on these taboo topics. clay is cute, I really enjoyed his episode. Netflix renewed it for a second season, so I’m very interested to see what that’s all about! 😊

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      1. Yes, I’m also interested in a second season. I have to say, it is really hard to get my cry at a show, but when Clay was crying so much at his episode, there was a tear dropping out of my eyes. It was just so touching. Glad that you loved the series too!

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