13 reasons why review

I can’t stop, won’t stop watching Netflix. This past weekend I binged 13 Reasons Why in two days. I had to know all of the answers. I also had to review this Netflix Original. No spoilers, just my general thoughts on the story of Hannah Baker and her 13 reasons. So now, the review.


13 Reasons Why is a devastating, almost poetic series about a girl named Hannah Baker. Her story is told in both present day and flashbacks, a style of storytelling I’ve always quite liked. The acting in this Netflix Original is excellent and the story raw and unapologetic. It grabs your attention with just the right balance of questions and answers to keep you guessing.

Honestly though, the story is kinda fucked up. A lot happens in this show that’s really dark, I wouldn’t call it a lighthearted watch. That being said, it shines a light on a lot of important issues that aren’t depicted in shows very often. Taboo topics aren’t always easy to talk about, so a lot of people just avoid them altogether, but they do kinda need to be talked about. This show does just that. It’s important to be there for your friends and family and it’s important to reach out if you’re feeling down.

p.s. If you watched this and hated it, that’s fine. If you watched it and loved it, great! And if you watched it and are feeling sad, I have a contact page, come chat with me!

Any Netflix suggestions? What should I binge watch next?





  1. I read & loved the book & was equal parts excited for & dreading this. But it was sooo good. The acting was excellent, such great young up & coming actors whose careers I’m excited to follow. They could have downplayed so much of the darkness in this but they were brave enough not to.
    My biggest lesson from this is mind what you say & do. You might be lashing out because of your own hurt but what you say to someone, may seem trivial on it’s own but you don’t know what else has happened to this person prior to your comment/action & it might just be the one the breaks the camels back.
    Alternatively just giving a kind word could change someones whole life ❤


    1. Absolutely! 🙌🏻 and what an important lesson that is, well said! I agree, they really could have downplayed a lot of what happened, but they didn’t at all, which I think was very important in telling an honest story. Gotta be nice to people ❤

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