april monthly favoritesIt’s the last day of April & that calls for a monthly favorites post! My birthday is in April so it was quite a busy month, but good busy. How did April treat you?

  1. Adidas sneakers
    • These sneakers were a gift for my birthday and I absolutely love them. I had the originals when I was younger and thought it was time to trade up with the high tops. Love. Them.
  2. Moroccanoil Treatment – Light
    • I color my hair, so it definitely needs some extra help! My friend Mia told me about this stuff, I picked it up, and I’ve been using it every time I wash my hair. I’ve noticed my hair feels softer with less breakage and it hasn’t made my hair greasy at all. 10/10 would recommend.
  3. Tobacco & Vanilla candle – Scentsational
    • I found this candle at Marshall’s and I’m completely obsessed. It’s a pleasant, light scent that reminds me of what my grampa’s tobacco pipe used to smell like. It smells so good, gonna be a bit sad when I use this up!
  4. 13 Reasons Why
    • I know there’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding this show and that’s completely understandable. It tackles a lot of sensitive topics that many people would rather avoid talking about, but are important nonetheless. I wrote a 13 Reasons Why review (no spoilers) if you’d like to hear my thoughts on this series.
  5. Kendrick Lamar – DAMN
    • Kendrick is a genius and I can’t stop listening to his new album. My favorite songs are Loyalty, DNA, and Humble, but honestly the whole album is good. If you haven’t heard it yet and you like Kendrick, or rap, what are you doing? Go listen!
  6. Our trip to Burlington, VT
    • My friend, brother and I went to Burlington, Vermont on Earth Day weekend. It was my friend and I’s first time in Burlington and we had a blast! Our friend we stayed with showed us around while we wandered Church Street, had some delicious food, and went to quite a few breweries. Check out my weekend in snaps post if you want to see some snapchats from our trip.

Let me know your favorite thing about the month, your monthly favorite!

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  1. I’ve missed so many of your posts due to my busy schedule outside of WordPress lovely, apologies for all the likes and stalking in advance. Just found a wee bit time to read all the blog posts now 😘 xx

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