concussion don't give a jam

I thought this snapchat filter fit nicely with my concussion feels. Scrambled brains week three. It’s kind of like being trapped inside your brain, feat. naps & dim lighting. So, here are some thoughts from my concussion brain.

  • I drove a Malibu before Miley released Malibu.
  • If Pluto’s a dog, what’s goofy?`
    • name the movie
  • What if you could only replay your memories in fast forward?
  • Why are space buns a thing?
  • Drinking today is fun, but the hangover tomorrow isn’t as much.
  • Mars is populated by robots.
  • When technology isn’t working, we turn it on & off. So does sleeping fix humans?
  • You shouldn’t have to schedule an appointment with a psychic, they should just know you’re coming.
  • Michael Scott would, without a doubt, have a fidget spinner.
  • You’ll never know how someone else sees color.

Thanks to JennaMarbles for the inspo: thoughts from a bathtub & thoughts from a bathtub 2.

Who else has been concussed? How is your head, love?




  1. Omg Micheal Scott would totally have a fidget spinner. Also while I love Jenna’s thoughts from her bathtub and your thoughts from concussion I hope you feel better soon!


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