monthly favorites

AND it’s time again for me to talk about the things I was loving way more than all of the other things this month. May has been a bit rainy, but still a good month. I have some things to share that I’ve been loving! Today we’re talking about my monthly favorites.

monthly favorites:

  1. LE PLIAGE LONGCHAMP- new navy
    • My parents got me this for my birthday last month and I’m obsessed. I have it in tan as well, such a good purse. It’s one compartment, which would probably bother some people, but I like it. & it’s water resistant, so that comes in handy.
  2. NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM – buenos aires
    • This is an amazing soft coral shade and applies really smoothly. It’s not extremely long-lasting, but sometimes I like that in a lip. This is great for spring and it’s around $6 so it’s definitely affordable. I got four shades & wrote a review if you wanna hear more of my thoughts.
    • My mum made a bunch of essential oil mixes at work. They all help with something different like headaches, sweet dreams, and positivity. She brought them over when I got my concussion & I’ve been putting a little on my wrists on bad days. So helpful.
  4. BLACK MIRROR – Netflix Original
    • I watched this in a few days on Netflix. Every episode is about something completely different, so you don’t have to watch them all if you don’t want to, you can skip around. Some episodes are a bit graphic, but the concepts are all so cool. Really makes you think.
  5. PASSAFIRE – Longshot
    • I really love Passafire and their new album is no exception. It’s reggae with a bit of an alternative edge. I’ve seen them in concert, they put on a really great show. My favorite songs on their new album are Bright, Longshot, and Drifter.

BONUS FAVORITE: I got a few inches chopped off my hair & brightened up the blonde a bit for the warmer months coming up. Can’t beat a fresh cut!

COMMENT BELOW & let me know the best thing about your month, your monthly favorite!




  1. BWAH!!! When I first glimpsed your image at top, I thought you were inside some denim weighters (like they use in streams/rivers for fly-fishing?) with purdy brown leather shoulder-straps holding your matte lip-creams! Then I looked closer. Oh no, someone has stuffed Jamie into their purse — like they do tiny poodles or miniature chihuahuas and schnauzers — cuz ya know, purses are so big they can hold an entire vanity or the Goodyear blimp.

    And then I realized, oh… Jamie is a professional illusionist! That’s it! πŸ˜‹ Here’s some more lip creamer! πŸ’„


  2. Love that Longchamp bag!! I have same one as all black and I lovelovelove it, you can fit in there literally anything haha!! Also I have wanted to start watching Black Mirror but I feel like it’s too intense for me πŸ˜† xx


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