BF Picks my OOTDs for the Week

don't give a jam blog ootdI’ve been seeing boyfriend does my posts & I felt I had to get in on the fun. So, last week I had Brett pick my outfits for work. Monday was Memorial Day, so we started with Tuesday and went from there. Here’s what he chose!

Tuesday:boyfriend picks my ootdBrett wanted a more casual outfit for the start of the week and you can’t really go wrong with a classic black & white stripe look.

  • striped t-shirt – LOFT
  • black jeggings – American Eagle Outfitters
  • white Keds
  • weather: 61° cloudy

Wednesday:bf picks my ootdHe really wanted to put me in this blouse with the acorn print cuz he’s the one who picked it out at the store. I really like that he chose to pair converse with it for a business casual feel & he specifically wanted me to wear my glasses with this look as well.

  • acorn shirt – LOFT
  • dark wash jeans – Abercrombie & Fitch
  • white converse
  • weather: 74° chance of rain/lightning

Thursday:bf picks my outfits blog

It was nicer out, so Brett wanted me to wear a dress with heels. He went with a t-shirt dress and suede wedge booties. He also picked out a necklace for this look, getting into some accessories on day three.

  • t-shirt dress – BDG
  • black booties – City Classified
  • weather: 77° partly cloudy

Friday:outfit of the day blog

I work from home on Fridays and Brett is obsessed with Boston sports, so to no surprise, he put me in a Red Sox jersey tee. He paired it with boyfriend jeans & the sneakers he got me for my last birthday, how fitting.

  • jersey tee – Lids Locker Room
  • jeans – American Eagle
  • high-top sneakers – adidas
  • weather: 72° partly cloudy

(📸: Jackie & Brett)

Let me know in the comments what we should do next!

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43 thoughts on “BF Picks my OOTDs for the Week

  1. All of these look nice and comfy! My style most of the time☺️ he did a great job✨✨ this is a really cool idea too. Maybe you could pick what he wears for a day or a week? Or you two could quiz each other on a fun topic


  2. Wow, your man is good!! I love all of the looks but my favorites are 2 and 3. But I can really put outfits together for you, I’m impressed 🙂 You should let him do your make up lol Maybe not actually do it but pick the products and you have to come up with something? That would be fun. Awesome post ❤


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