Netflix Original – Bloodline

netflix original review blog bloodlineThe third and final season of Bloodline is finally here & I’ve already binged it. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know how much I love a good Netflix Original. I’ve been watching this one since the beginning and today I wanted to give you a quick no-spoiler review. My thoughts on the series overall.

Bloodline is a dramatic thriller based in Florida Keys focusing on a family that owns a beachfront inn. This show gives us a close up view of the Rayburn family. A mother, a black sheep, a detective, a lawyer, and a marina owner. Basically, a family full of liars with some dark secrets that they’d prefer stay in the past.

The cast in this series is so good. Kyle Chandler, AKA Coach T from Friday Night Lights, is fucking amazing as John Rayburn, the second eldest brother. If you’ve seen Freaks & Geeks you’ll recognize Linda Cardellini as Meg Rayburn, the only sister. Ben Mendelson as Danny Rayburn is so. good. His performance is haunting and unnerving in all the best ways. And then there’s Sissy Spacek who you better recognize as the girl from Carrie. So, the cast is not lacking familiar faces, really excellent.

The first season was my favorite, but honestly I really love the whole series. It was originally supposed to be like 5 or 6 seasons rather than 3, so the ending feels a bit rushed. But, still a slow-burning suspense with a really addicting storyline. And some really cool camera angles and transitions, just filmed really well.

“The secret of life… knowing when to leave.” – danny rayburn

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30 thoughts on “Netflix Original – Bloodline

  1. I love the topic you picked. It sound like a amazing TV series to watch. The paragraph flows. I notice that In paragraph two, you say that your favorite season is first. Than you say that you love the whole series. I would have like talk about why season one was your favorite. The TV series bloodline seem like a very interesting show to watch. I would really want to watch to find out more about this story and its characters. I haven’t had a chance to find a show that I like recently. This is one am going to check out. The most recent series I watched was amine cartoon shows Brave beats. That is about dancing. The greatest amine I watched was kenichi the mightiest disciple. This show is about a kid is loves martial arts. He than goes to get trained by 3 masters of the arts. His goal turns into saving people. Sorry for the long post! 😄


    • sounds like quite a show! bloodline is a good watch, keeps you on the edge of your seat for sure. I don’t want to give too much away, but the first season has some more characters than the second two seasons and it just has a really great pace and an insane ending. really great cliffhanger!

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      • I see what your saying. still, I Think you have end that by say that you didn’t want to give too much away. And that they’ll have watch the show to find out what happens. Than at the end you could have given your opinion about the overall series of Bloodline. I wanted to know if Bloodline was a longer show do you thing that it would have potently lose it steam after coming out smoking hot in the first few season?


      • I think if it was longer (as it was originally meant to be) the story would be able to unfold differently & had more time to be told fully. I think the end was a bit rushed, but overall it was a great watch with some really spectacular acting and a really different storyline.


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