ASOS Urban Outfitters haulI recently got some summer stuff from ASOS & Urban Outfitters and thought I’d share! There’s so much going on in the summer, I like to get a few new things so I’m ready for whatever. SO let’s do dis summer clothing haul thing!

I got a pack of scrunchies cuz 90’s kid forever. I sleep with my hair up & these definitely help with that whole annoying ponytail line thing. I also got this blush bra from Calvin Klein, so comfy. This one-piece bathing suit with the ‘saved by the bell’ vibe is great, love the high cut on the leg. Trendy style with a pretty cool pattern. I didn’t have a cover-up, so I got this tie dye romper, pretty excited to wear it at the beach.

I got a couple more rompers, one very casual for lounging and one in a floral pattern. I’ve worn them both already and really like them, so chic & and such an easy outfit! I also grabbed some basics, a white t-shirt and a black t-shirt, as well as a light cardigan for cool summer nights. Gotta love the basics, right?

In da comments, let me know where you’ve been shopping for this summer!

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