beach day essentials

You can’t really beat a day at the beach. The sun on your face, the sand in your toes & the sound of waves go great with a spiked seltzer. I’m at the beach, so what would I even be doing if I didn’t share my beach day essentials? Some things you absolutely NEED if you’re going for a beach day!


  • Sunglasses
    • so you don’t burn your eyes
  • Coverup
    • preferably a fun one
  • Scrunchie
    • or anything less trendy to pull your hair back
  • Flip-flops
    • cuz that damn sand burns your feet girl
  • Portable speaker
    • for da jams
  • Fidget spinner
    • my mum actually bought these for everyone, it’s been a day & we’re all obsessed
  • Baseball cap
    • cuz the sun is strong & stuff
  • Sunscreen
    • I mean, even if you’re wicked tan (not me) you gotta protect your skin
    • Sun Bum smells amazing, 10/10 would recommend
  • Coozie
    • beer stuff
  • Lip balm feat. SPF
    • cuz your lips can burn too!
  • Beach blanket
    • to lay on, obviously
  • A bag to carry it all
    • cuz you have too much shit at the beach
  • Not pictured: water to hydrate obviously, beer to dehydrate & beach games

COMMENT BELOW & let me know what YOU bring for a beach day!



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