OOTD – Elephant Pants

elephant harem pantsMy friend Emma came back from Malaysia with these harem pants for me. I’m in love. They’re comfy, lightweight & have elephants on them. All the essentials & perfect for a beach day, or just lounging around. Let’s do this OOTD thing!


I love how harem pants cinch at the ankle, much nicer shape if you’re not into the bell bottom look. And this pair has a pocket, which is a total bonus. I paired the pants with a simple black crop top & didn’t bother to style my hair. I added my Ray-Ban clubround sunnies & went real beachy with it by not adding shoes. Who needs shoes when you’re at the beach, right?

(📸: Brett)

How has your week been so far?

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42 thoughts on “OOTD – Elephant Pants

  1. I picked up a pair from Singapore a couple of years ago and they are SO comfy! And they just fit perfectly which is rare for me since I’m so short haha I think yours look great!


  2. Pants right from Malaysia, how amazing! They look incredibly comfortable and I can’t hate pants with pockets! I wish all pants/shorts would have pockets!!

    xo, JJ


  3. The month after my friends and I came back from Thailand, I wanted nothing to do with regular clothes. Something about thin flowy cotton just beats everything else. I’m still recovering and trying to find clothes again lol. And a pocket is all a girl really needs to be happy, right?


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