beach pizza

A square piece of pizza where ‘extra cheese’ means a slice of provolone, the sauce is sweet, and the crust is crisp. Here in New England, we call it beach pizza. But my question is, does everyone have beach pizza? Do you call it something different? Do you even eat pizza at the beach? Today we’re not talking regular pizza, we’re talking beach pizza.

There are a few different places that make this type of pizza, but Tripoli does it the best. It’s a pretty distinct pizza, especially the slice of provolone slapped on top when you ask for extra cheese, which I always do. So, do you have beach pizza where you’re from? Maybe you have the same style pizza, but you have a different name for it? I need to know.

I just got back from camping with friends & before that I spent a week at the beach with family. So, I’d say it’s been a damn good week. I hope you enjoyed your week as well & please share your beach pizza thoughts with me!

p.s. If you ever find yourself at Tripoli Pizza, get a cannoli & thank me later.




  1. Mmmmm. we don’t give it a specific name. Everyone in the U.S just calls it cheap pizza. lol. Someone can buy this square piece of pizza from their local grocery store. Pizza stores have terrible pizza here too. Most of them are just greasy or have too much of salt. It bad. But we pick are stores well, at least some of us do. Other don’t realize what their eating. Things are something different in one place but still the same when you go to others places. Good read.


      1. hahaaaa ahhaaaaa. HAAAAHAA WWOOOO HAAHAA. I don’t know but if that pizza is high priced it is not worth it. For many, it is the other way around you buy cheap you get cheap. see. but in your case it seems like that pizza is just bad. Advice just get a hamburger! or something else. You have know were to get good pizza, you can’t buy any pizza. see. you can explore, research and ask friends. hhaaa. you could have gotten little Caesars or domino’s pizza. but great read as always. I enjoyed it.


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