morning skincare routine

First of all, RIP to my pink scrunchie that I lost in a dressing room. If ya read the title, you’ll know this is a collab with Shelby who blogs lifestyle and makeup, go check her out! She’s real nice and her blog is fun to read. Over on her blog you can find her nighttime skincare routine for those hot summer nights. And here we go, my morning skincare routine, all the stuff I put on my face first thing in the morning.

My skin is really quite sensitive, so I try to use natural products. And I’d say I have combination skin if you’re curious. I guess I’ll talk about the products in the order I use them? Good.

    • I’ve definitely talked about this toner before. I’ve been using it for years and I absolutely love it. It’s refreshing and my skin really reacts well to tea tree oil, so that’s a plus! I put this on every morning & night.
    • I put a bit of this on a spot when I have one and it looks so much better in the morning, much happier skin. This is another one with tea tree oil in it. I love the smell & I love that Lush is handmade with fresh ingredients. Plus they don’t test on animals. 10/10 would recommend.
  • BC ESSENTIAL OILS – Acneic Skin
    • I use this essential oil in the morning in place of moisturizer. I know some people are afraid of oils, but this one is so good! It feels lighter than a moisturizer and smells really nice. Can’t beat natural ingredients.
    • I got this recently and I’m still trying it out. I don’t love the smell, it’s a strong rose scent, but it’s a bit perfumey for me. It does feel nice to spritz on when I’ve gotten a bit too much sun on my face since it has aloe, just not my favorite thing.

I’m realizing that everything I like has tea tree and that I have been using the same toner, spot treatment & essential oil combo for years. Lazy skincare routine stuff.

What’s your absolute favorite skincare product?

p.s. there are a few extra steps at night, let me know if you want a follow-up blog with my nighttime routine.

p.p.s. go check out Shelby’s nighttime skincare routine!




  1. girlllll have you tried any of the Lush hair products?
    I’ve been meaning to go into Lush just a tad bit out of my way.
    I love the Mario Badescue rosewater, sooooo refreshing.
    xx Glo from

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