if we were having coffee blog

I’ve seen these chatty posts going around. Essentially, you’re about to have a virtual coffee chat with me (okay I’m drinking tea). I think it’s important to slow down every now and then, so grab a drink, any drink & catch up with me.

If we were having coffee… I’d mention that I used to do a lot more walking meditation. I enjoy taking a deep breath & fully experiencing my walk. Thinking about my pace, the feel of my feet hitting the ground, taking in my surroundings. It’s very relaxing, you should try it.

If we were having coffee… I would definitely talk about shark week. It’s been really good so far this year, lots of hammerhead sharks. I watch it obsessively every year (who knows why) & I can’t wait to share my faves from shark week with you guys!

If we were having coffee… I might mention that I’ve been working on a brand new look for Don’t Give a Jam. A website makeover if you will. I’m ready for a bit of a change & I’m impatiently waiting to finish my fresh new site. Just a few more things to do!

And if we were having coffee… I would ask how your day is going. Or, I would ask you to tell me one thing that you’ve been feeling really positive about lately. So, grab a coffee and leave a comment!


JAM ☕️

48 thoughts on “IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE

  1. This is a cool post idea. 🙂 It’s so engaging! To toss it back to you… I’m also drinking tea! My day isn’t going great, but it’s also not awful (work, you know? Standard). However, I’m feeling really great about blogging and community involvement lately. The more I look through WordPress, the more I love it and the people I’m spotting. So much creativity and so many supportive attitudes! ❤


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