mystery blogger award

I was kinda recently nominated by a few blog-people for the mystery blogger award! Lee blogs about everything from life to DIYs, Amber talks lifestyle stuff and has an etsy shop with pins & buttons, and Miranda has a lifestyle blog and talks beauty, wellness, and so much more. Check these humans out, I like their blogs & you might too!


  • Put the award logo/image on your blog post
  • List the rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link
  • Tell readers 3 things about yourself
  • Answer the questions the blogger gave to you
  • Nominate 10-20 people
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Ask nominees 5 questions of your choice (one weird/funny question)
  • Share a link to your best post(s)

Check out the origin of the mystery blogger award here on the creator’s blog!


  1. I’m completely obsessed with shark week & I watch it every year
  2. I don’t understand people who wear socks to bed
  3. I’ve been on a viva post for barstool sports #vivalastool


(golden pink journal)

  1. What’s the first color you think of when you think of summer?
    • I’m gonna go with yellow! Makes me think of the sun & being outside.
  2. Finish this sentence. I suddenly hear my front door open, which is strange because I live alone and I had just locked the door minutes before. When I peep around the corner I……
    • see a ghost who learned how to open doors even though he can go through walls.
  3. Do you like brussel sprouts?
    • I’ve never tried them, but I’m gonna say no.
  4. What’s your thought on a summer fling?
    • Sounds like fun if that’s what you’re into.
  5. If you HAD to switch lives with either Kim K, Kylie Jenner, Barack Obama, or Donald Trump, who would you choose?
    • Ugh. Do I get to switch back after? I guess I’ll say Barack Obama cuz he seems slightly less bad than the other options.

(pastel bottle rocket)

  1. What’s your favorite topic to write about?
    • I really like writing about things that I’m feeling passionate about.
  2. What gave you the idea to begin a blog?
    • I had a lot of creative energy and needed a place to use it!
  3. Dogs or cats? Or both?
    • Well I had a cat growing up who I loved, but I always wanted a dog. So I’ll go with both.
  4. What’s a pet peeve of yours?
    • I don’t like when people interrupt you or talk over you when you’re trying to say something. I do it sometimes, but I’m working on it.
  5. What’s a piece of advice you’d give to a beginning blogger?
    • Write about what you know and love, not JUST what you think people want to read. If you aren’t enjoying what you’re writing, it will show in your work! Have fun and enjoy it, people will vibe off that. Also, give your post a proofread before posting, typos are lame.


  1. Where’d you get your blog name from?
    • An extreme amount of brainstorming.
  2. What’s your favorite way to spend time when you’re not at work?
    • Blogging, seeing my friends, and Netflix & chill.
  3. What’s something your readers don’t know about you?
    • My middle name.
  4. What are you grateful for today?
    • I’m grateful for the sausage, egg & cheese english muffin sandwich and iced raspberry tea I made for breakfast.
  5. What’s something you’d like to learn/do in this lifetime?
    • I’d really like to swim with sharks, or do shark cage diving.


  1. What’s the best thing that has happened to you this week?
  2. If you could save one endangered species, which would you choose?
  3. What’s your favorite way to spend a lazy afternoon?
  4. Do you have a pipe dream?
  5. Who is your favorite blogger/youtuber?





16 thoughts on “MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD! (4, 5 & 6)

  1. Omg I hate when people interrupt too!! That is probably like my number one pet peeve. If another person interrupts someone I’m talking to then I pause and ignore the person who interrupted until they’re done talking and make sure to go back to the conversation I was having with the first person like, “So what were you saying?” Ugh


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