july monthly favorites blog
No month is perfect, but July was pretty good. How was your July? The month is wrapping up and, per usual, I’m here to talk about what I’ve been loving, my monthly favorites! The things, the mems, the month. Let’s do this favorites thing.

  1. Beach week!
    • Every year my fam rents a house on the beach for a week. We’ve been doing this since my brother and I were kids and it’s fun every. single. year. This year we had a lot of guests and my friend left her skimboard for me to use, it was a pretty good week. Can’t complain about sunbathing on the beach with loved ones.
  2. Colourpop blotted lip – on a stick
    • I absolutely love this lippie. I like that it looks like you’ve applied lipstick & then, well, blotted it. It’s so easy to wear and you can’t feel it on your lips, perfect for everyday wear! I reviewed this as part of my Colourpop Haul if you wanna know more of my thoughts, but overall a great low-key lip option.
  3. Scrunchies
    • I have totally joined in on the scrunchie trend. 90’s fashion is coming back and I’m not fighting it! I bought a pack of colored scrunchies and I’ve been wearing them on my wrist/in my hair the past month or so. Nice to add a pop of color & scrunchies don’t leave a crease in my hair when I sleep with a ponytail. 🙌🏻
  4. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer – porcelain
    • I picked this up at Sephora right before beach week cuz I wanted something lightweight that had sunblock in it. I ended up using this all month because I really love it. It doesn’t bother my sensitive skin and I like that it’s just a hint of color for a more natural, summery look. Lets my freckles show through!
  5. Garnier micellar cleansing water
    • It was about time I tried this out, you guys have been raving about it! I finally picked up a sample size and I liked it right away. It’s gentle and takes my eye makeup off really well. I kinda thought it would be gimmicky, but it really does take makeup off quite nicely without having to rub.
  6. Shark week
    • I’m wicked shark week obsessed. There’s a lotta shark week h8rs and that’s okay, but I’m definitely not one of them. Discovery Channel non-stop all week. Is there even anything else on TV during shark week? I’ve been keeping track of my fave episodes, so look out for a blog post cuz this was a pretty good year for shark week.

What’s one positive thing that happened to you this month? Share in da comments.

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