best of shark week

If you’ve been reading my blogs, I”m sure you’ve seen me mention shark week a few (or more) times. It was last week and you know I had the Discovery Channel on non-stop. This was a pretty good year for shark week. New technology, new discoveries & lots of hammerheads. I kept track of the specials I liked most, so here is the best of shark week, in my humble opinion.

One of my favorite things about this week is that it can be so dramatic, especially with the names of the specials. I look at the title and just start laughing, but it’s also like ‘omg I have to watch that.’ It’s not for everyone, but it does help educate people and cut back on mindless killing of sharks.

In no particular order:

    • This was all about sharks that were hunting in shallow waters. A lot of shark week centers on surfers because further out in the water, they’re more likely to be attacked by a shark. But this special showed sharks actually beaching themselves to find food, so ya never know.
    • This one was really cool because they found two great white sharks who were swimming around together. Sharks are more likely to be swimming around alone, but they thought these sharks were brothers, which would explain their synchronized swimming. Pretty neat.
    • I always really love the alien shark specials cuz there’s some real odd creatures living deep in the ocean. They showed some really rare and strange looking sharks, even some brand new species. And I mean, the name of this one? Brilliant.
    • These guys were trying to figure out if sharks watched & learned from one another. There were these really chill whale sharks that were floating at the top of the water eating caviar-type-stuff. And they trained a shark to hit a target to ask for food. So, experts are definitely learning that some sharks aren’t that dumb.

Tell me something pretty in the comments, no shark week h8.



30 thoughts on “BEST OF SHARK WEEK

  1. I really enjoyed all the above plus the Michael Phelps kick off show. No, I did not expect him to literally race a shark so I was not disappointed. If he could have used those modified fins his world record times would have been off the charts! I am completely impressed with him loosing to a great white by only 2 seconds! What a specimen of a human being!!

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  2. That shark art was awesome! Did you just stumble upon it, or had you noticed it before?
    Also, I could see why you’d get into those shows, the titles alone are amazing, but also, who wouldn’t want to learn more about sharks? The deep sea stuff fascinates me, so many unknown creatures down there, and who even knows if we’ll ever see them all? Plus they all look freaky 😀

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