glossier review

I hadn’t tried any Glossier stuff & it was time to change that. SO I went through the Glossier site & chose some products to try that I had heard a lot about. I landed on boy brow, cloud paint & balm dotcom. Glossier is cruelty-free & I really like their vibe (also their packaging). Their products lend themselves to a more natural look, which really lets your own beauty shine through. A BRAND REVIEW, trying Glossier products.

thoughts on glossier:

  • Boy Brow – brown
    • I’ve used boy brow quite a few times now and overall I do really like it. It’s a hyped product & it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damn good. I don’t have super thick brows, so for me it works best if I fill them in just a bit before applying. Boy brow thickens, fills & sets your brows for the day and it gives a more natural brow look, which I’ve been liking. I’d recommend giving this a go if you have thick brows that need some taming, or want a natural look & don’t mind filling in a little.
  • Cloud Paint – Beam
    • This cream blush is just simply amazing. It’s a lovely shade of peach that I adore and it looks so natural. It looks like you’re actually blushing rather than looking like you have a lot of product on your cheeks. I love that you can just dab it on with your fingers, so quick and easy. I’ve been wearing this daily since I got it. I’d recommend cloud paint if you like to add a hint of color to your cheeks, but don’t like the look of powder blush.
  • Balm Dotcom – mint
    • I mean, I guess you could say that this is just a thick lip balm, but Glossier does a really great job with it. It’s thick, but not sticky & I’m a total sucker for mint lip balm and really anything with a minty scent. Although, now I want to buy a few more flavors to try out & stash around so I always have one handy. I’ve been putting this on at night and my lips are so soft and hydrated in the morning. I recommend balm dotcom to people who like lip balm & don’t mind putting it on with their finger.
      • an update: I now also have birthday balm dotcom & it smells like cake frosting & has little bits of sparkle & OMG it’s lovely.


COMMENT BELOW & tell me something you enjoyed about your weekend & let me know what I should try next from Glossier!


JAM ðŸ’–


  1. I use Boy Brow and you’re definitely right that it’s more for a natural look vs. having a super bold brow. I’ve been wanting to use the cloud paints but I have heard negative reviews about other Glossier products that it deterred me from purchasing. Will try it out:) Thanks!


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